Words Are Our World !

We love words. Words, written and spoken.
Meaning, feeling, emotion. Intention, information, the neat sequence of thought. Transferring all this from the language it originated from to another, keeping intact subtle nuances, humor, drama, is what we do.
And we do it well because we work with the best. We offer the highest standards in dubbing, from beginning to end of the process, because for words, we go the extra mile. Share our journey, entrust us with your words. 

Our Services


Translate & Adaptation

Linguistic perception and endless intellectual curiosity allow us to respect the cultural and artistic essence of any original dialogue. Patience and attention to details let us render the actual meaning, obvious and implied, into our language, remaining true to acting and video performance. That is always in the picture in our work.


Dubbing, Voice Over & Lip Sync

Dubbing is so much more than replacing one voice with another. It’s the quest for the perfect chemistry between sound and image, of the perfect voice match, with the precious support of the best Italian voice actors.
Documentaries? Reality shows? We have the best solution for each audiovisual product: voice over, trailers, advertising. 


Audio & Video Editing

International tracks control, audio-video synchronization, lip sync, sound design, video editing, textless replacement, subtitling, closed captioning and graphics, are some of the services our lab can offer.


Mixing & Delivery

Great attention is placed by our mix professionals on the final stage in which technique and art come together to create the final product, where original artwork and dubbing tradition are harmonised.
We offer certified mixing room, up to our clients’ most selective standards on all of their products, be they documentaries, tv series, tv movies, or feature films. 

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